I.A.M. Tiles&Flooring is helping his Customers to find the right choice of Tiles for their Home.

Herb will meet you at CITY TILE in Nanaimo to guide and help you, finding the perfect Tile for your new Home or Renovation.

City Tile is the best and biggest Tile shop on Vancouver Island with the best and trendiest collection!!

Here are a few helping Tips for Homeowners!


While natural stone remains a “go-to” option for many clients because of its timelessness, porcelain tile is being specified a lot more now because of its cost efficiency and comparable durability.“I use a lot of porcelain for my projects here on Vancouver Island. “Wood-look porcelain is a staple in many of my projects. Some regions prefer natural stone and certain projects lend themselves towards that. It’s a mix, depending on many factors, including client preference, project location, design style and durability aspects. In a lot of my commercial projects, porcelain and wood-look porcelain tile are most popular. In the residential projects, it’s a mix.”

Every year there are more and different Tile Trends around the globe some of them last and some of them don't.

For example the SUBWAY tile will never go out of style while smaller Mosaic tiles are not as common like they used to be.

One major Trend for this year and the years to come will be Large Format Tiles and Porcelain plank.

No matter which Tile you choose for your Home we here at I.A.M.believe that Tiles always add Character to your Home.


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